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Know Your Status - Online Search Tool The Income Tax Department NEVER requests your own PIN numbers, passwords or even similar access details for credit card debt, banks or any other financial accounts via e-mail. The actual Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to reply to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts.

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With internet digital revolution, almost all government enabled services are going
online and hence, income tax department too has provided a great search tool by which
applicant can search his application position from his internet connected
home computer or from a nearby internet cafe. The application can be applied
to get a new permenant account number, reprint of card or any made any correction in details

Having service to check the application process online, one can save ample amount
of time by knowing the exact status of his/her application. Usually it takes 3 week
to receive but it is advisable to check the application online.
Also applicant can always contact his/her nearby income tax office or contact his
agent or tax lawyer who has submitted the application on his/her behalf. In the
search tool, there are two options:-

Search By Acknowledgement Number
Pan card status can be checked by either entering 15 digit valid acknowledgement number
or by entering full name with date of birth details in the search option.

Search By Name and DOB (Date of birth)
To check the position using name, applicants who are apart from ‘individuals’ like
Association of Persons, Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals, Incorporation
or Agreement/Partnership should mention their name Surname(Last Name) field only.

Once the application is submitted online, you check online only after
3 days. This is because NSDL takes some time to process your application.

Alternative Methods
UTITSL website also provides a search tool to obtain current application status
by providing Application Number, Coupon Number and Applicant’s name

Our web site is not limited to providing information about pan card enquiry online. The site
offer complete knowledge base covering topics like what it is and its benefit,
how to apply and where to submit the application, how to get duplicate one
and many FAQ with latest news.